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Before you get started, you may want to review the helpful quick reference guide. https://www.ckw.com/collaboration-quick-guide

A few points to note:

  • For a joint tax return, the Collaboration Hub requires two unique email addresses for the engagement letter – one for the taxpayer and one for the spouse.  Both signers need to register their account and sign the engagement letter with their own login credentials.  After the engagement letter is signed, only one person needs to complete the questionnaire and upload tax documentation.  If you encounter an error while signing the engagement letter as a second signer, log out, clear browser history data (cookies/cache) and try to login again.
  • All files for your 2023 tax prep should be submitted through the Document Request List, which is a list of items based on the information you supplied last year.

Conversely, the Document Locker is used to add additional items after your organizer has been completed and locked, for example tax notices; or to temporarily store items for future year planning; and storage of your finalized return(s). For reference, here is a short video explaining the difference between Document Request List and Document Locker: https://support.cch.com/oss/ml/video/gc7MdPFI3Gk

Collaboration Features Eliminated in Recent Software Update:

  • The type-to-sign feature (as shown in the tutorial video) for signing the engagement letter is no longer available. Taxpayer and spouse must each draw their signature with a computer mouse or stylus.
  • The option for “will send separately” in Document Request List is no longer available. If you need to submit files separately, use the “Notes” tab at the top of the Document Request List to indicate that items will be submitted another way.
  • The Connections option for linking brokerage accounts in Document Request List tab is no longer available. Please access your account from your brokerage website, download the consolidated year–end brokerage statement and then upload to the Document Request List.