CKW Charitable Foundation

The CKW Charitable Foundation was created in 2005 by the Partners of CKW, LLC to give back to the communities we serve in Northwest New Jersey. We run an annual golf outing each year and the proceeds are used to provide assistance to those in need. To date we have raised in excess of $170,000. 

After our 10th year of operating the Foundation we published a booklet to recap what we had accomplished in the time.  To access the publication click CKWCF 10 Year.

Below are some of the latest stories of those we have been fortunate enough to provide assistance to:

Devon C.

In March of 2016 Devon, the mother of a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son began experiencing terrible headaches. After an MRI , a mass was discovered on Devon's brain and she was immediately scheduled for surgery. She is currently undergoing proton radiation therapy for 6 weeks and then will undergo intense chemotherapy for up to a year.  Under these circumstances Devon will not be able to continue her job as a teacher's assistant and will be faced with many challenges over the next year.  We hope for the best possible outcome for this young family and were so priviledged to be able to offer some assistance.  To offer your assistance to this family you can log on to

Brian B.

Brian, the father of three children under the age of 6 was diagnosed with tonsil/neck cancer. The tumor is inoperable and chemo and radiation are necessary. Brian is the sole wage earner for his family and is self employed. The doctors have told him there will days and weeks that he will be unable to work.  Another young family financially strapped by this awful disease.  The Foundation was honored to be able to offer some help financially and we wish the best to Brian and his family for a quick and complete recovery. To offer your assistance to this family you can log on to


Malaki is 9 years old and attends Hamburg Elementary School. He lives with his grandmother who currently is unable to work due to Malaki's illness as he need 24 hour care. In October of 2015 he began complaining of severe head pain which was very out of character for him.  A CT scan was performed and a tumor the size of a plum was found in the center of his brain.  That evening holes were drilled in his head to relieve the pressure and drain the fluid build up.  He has had four surgeries since and has a permanent shunt in his brain.  He received radiation daily and chemotherapy on a rotating basis.  We had the honor of meeting this little boy and were amazed at his bright and cheery personality.  Our thoughts are always with Malaki and his grandmother and we are grateful for the opportunity to give our assistance. To offer your assistance to this family you can log on to